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  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Rotary Seals.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings & Accessories.
  • Hydraulic & Pneumatic & All Types of Cylinders & Systems
  • Oil cleaning & Monitoring Equipment's
  • Electrostatic liquid cleaners - ELC
  • Low vacuum dehydrator Unit – LVDH
  • Particle counter
  • Moisture Sensor
  • Service & maintenance

Product and Services

We supply seals to all GCC countries Fluid Power Industries. As the leading technology specialist for seals Powerline offers an outstanding performance programme for seal to all fluid-related application forms in

  • Steel
  • Aluminium,
  • Marine
  • Power
  • Food & Pharmaceutical,
  • Construction and other Industries

1 .Steel Melting Shop(SMS)

Door open cylinders, Column cylinders, Segment Cylinders, withdrawal Cylinders, CCM Mobile Roller Hydraulic Cylinder, EF EBT Open / Close Hydraulic Cylinder, EF EBT Locking & Unlocking Hydraulic Cylinder, CCM Cooling Bed Billet Entry Pusher Cylinder, CCM Cooling Bed Billet Exit Pusher Cylinder, CCM Billet Unloading Cylinder, CCM Pinch Roll ( Pressure Roll ) Cylinder, Slide Gate Cylinder.

2.Hot Rolling Mill(HRM)

Furnace Walking Beam Retract & Extract cylinders, Furnace Door Open & Close Cylinders, Coil Box cylinders, Auto Gauge Control (AGC), Bending & Balancing, Coil car Hydraulics, Backup roll / Work roll Seals

3.Cold Rolling Mill(HRM)

Auto Gauge Control (AGC), Bending & Balancing, Coil car, Pinch Roll cylinders, Chock shifting cylinders, Rotating Mandrel & expanding collapsing cylinder, Gripper, Roto Union

4.Section Rolling Mill(HRM)

Apron cover & Diverts Pneumatic Cylinder, Cooling Bed Extrusion pneumatic Cyl, Looper Pneumatic Cyl, Apron Lifting Cylinder, Cooling Bed Lifting Arm Cylinder, Transfer Trolley Belt Hy. Cyl, Bloom Mill Tilt Cyl, Vertical Caste T Head Plunger, Transfer Carriage Door Movement Cyl., Furnace Pinch Roll Injector Cylinder, Universal Carriage Locking Cylinder, Horizontal Stand Carriage Lock Cylinder

5.Re-Bar Mill

Bundling Machine, Cold Shear Cutting Cylinder, Straightener Roll Shaft Plunger, Manipulator Tilting Arm Cylinder, Bundling Pad lifting Cylinder, Universal Stand Pushing Hyd, Cooling Bed up & Down Cylinder, Ejector pinch roll Cylinder, Manipulator Forward and Reveres Cylinder, Manipulator tilting Cylinder, Cooling head Cylinder Forward and Reveres Cylinder, Pinch Roll Cylinder, Pinch Roll guide Cylinder, Stand Locking Cylinder, Transfer Carriage Closing Cylinder, Transfer Carriage lifting Cylinder, Blooming mill Roll Changing Cylinder, Blooming mill Roll balancing Cylinder, Blooming mill balancing Cylinder

1.Oil & Gas

Jacking Cylinders, Drilling, BOP's, choke & kill manifolds, Roller cone bit, Pipe handling systems, Control units, Mud Pump systems, Valves, Flow lines, Connectors, Swivel joint


Gantry lock cylinder, Door open cylinder, Door Hinges, Propeller Shaft Seals, Cargo Hatch Cover Seals, Dry Dock Door open and closing cylinders

Food & Drug Administration - FDA Approved Seals

  • Pharmaceutical products & Cosmetics: Filling and dosing systems, Tablet presses
  • Milk and Milk Products Milk separators, Units for curdled milk production Production units for cheese, Turnkey production units for dairies, Filling machines for margarine, butter, and similar products, Filling machines for curd cheese, and similar products, Homogenizers, Short life dairy products (SLDP) Filling and pipelines, Dairy equipment hygiene seals
  • Bakery: Tunnel ovens, Machinery for biscuit manufacturing, Bread mills, Water mixers-dozers Kneading machines, Cake filling machines Chewing-Gum production plants, Dough depositors
  • Beverages: Turnkey production units, Bottling plants, Canning lines, Centrifuges, Separators Decanters, Heat exchangers
  • Meat/Sausage products Deep drawing machines for liquid, and sauce products, Pneumatic conveyors Hyperbaric pasteurization
  • Confectionary Chocolate depositing Conveyors Tobacco products Air cooler/dryer Packaging Equipment for all sectors
  • Raw Mill Cylinder, VRM Hydraulic Cylinder,
  • Crusher Hydraulic, Ball Mill Seal, Gear Box
  • Ready Mix Hydraulic
  • Crane Application : , Fork Lift Cylinders, Mobile Crane, Timber Crane, Straddle ( Container ) Carriers Hydraulic,
  • Coal Mill Hydraulics, Piston Accumulators, Clinker Handling Plant Seals, Belt Conveyor Plumber Block Seals, and Lime Stone Loader & Un-loader Hydraulic.
  • Killen Housing high temperature Seals
  • Mobile Hydraulic : Tippler Truck Cylinders, Excavators Cylinders, Tunnel Boring Machine, Trackers, Trailer & all earth moving equipment’s
Underground mining

Miners and Shearers Roof support systems ( Canopy Adjusting Cylinder, Fore poling Canopy Cylinder, Leg Cylinder, Goaf Shield Cylinder, Shearer Loaders System, Pace Cylinder, Haulage Channeling System ) Shuttle cars Specialized personnel and service vehicles Roof bolting systems Drilling units Conveyor systems Underground mining power shovels Tunnel Boring Machine

Opencast mining

Dragline hydraulic and mechanical systems Power Shovel Hydraulic and mechanical systems Loader hydraulic systems Haul Vehicles Hydraulic systems Haul vehicles Haul and mine roads maintenance units Conveyor systems Conveyor system drives and tail units Belt scraper systems Bulldozers Bulldozers hydraulic systems and track pin sealing Crushers Breaker and Crushing units Drills Loading systems and cranes Workshop and maintenance equipment

Clamping Unit

Quick Stroke Cylinder, Closing Cylinder, Tool Clamping Cylinder

Injection Unit

Injection Cylinder, Rotary Linear Cylinder, Rotary Linear Drive Side Cylinder

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