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Our Business Unit consists of a dedicated team of skilled professionals specializing in providing comprehensive electrical solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of industrial clients. With a commitment to safety, reliability, and innovation, we bring a wealth of experience to ensure the success of your industrial projects in the Field of Electrical Power Systems.

We are experts in providing services for Switchgears, Protection Systems & Transformers which covers an extensive range of disciplines as below.

  • Design and Supply.
  • Assembly and Installation.
  • Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.
  • Testing and Commissioning.
  • Retrofitting and Modernization.
  • Diagnosing and Troubleshooting.

We love to provide a unique experience for our clients. We work with them to invest our knowledge and experience to provide them with Professional Services. Thus far, we have gained heartfelt appreciations and achieved complete satisfaction from our clients. References can be provided upon request.

Product and Services

Design & Engineering

We have extensive knowledge in design and engineering of switchgear involve a comprehensive process to create a system that efficiently controls, protects, and isolates electrical circuits. Switchgear is a critical component in power distribution systems, and its design must ensure reliability, safety, and compliance with industry standards and includes System Analysis, Load Calculation, SLD preparation, Circuit Configuration, Busbar Design, Control and Protection System, Arc Flash Analysis, Drawings etc.

Assembly and Installation

We provide services that involve the careful and systematic process of putting together the components of the switchgear system and placing it in its intended location. Proper assembly and installation are crucial for the reliable and safe operation of the electrical distribution system. Since It's crucial activity we follow manufacturer guidelines, industry standards, and local regulations throughout the process to ensure the reliability and safety of the switchgear system.

Preventive Maintenance (PM)

We provide services during Shutdowns which include Inspections, cleaning, Tightening Connections, Repairs/Replacements, Testing Services.

Corrective Maintenance (CM)

We also provide services after a failure at site to rectify the unit which includes Fault Identification, Diagnostic Testing, Functional Testing, Repairs/Replacements, Overhauling and Retrofitting Services.

Testing Services

We perform Various tests on switchgear components to identify potential issues, verify compliance with standards, and ensure optimal performance. Our portfolio of Testing includes IR & PI Tests, Contact Resistance test, Hipot Test, Timing Tests, Thermal Imaging, Partial Discharge Test, CT and PT Testing, Relay Testing and all Functional tests etc.


Our Professional Team is involved in a series of activities and tests to ensure that the switchgear operates correctly, meets specified performance criteria, and complies with safety standards. Our Service Support includes up to the Energization and Safe Operation.

Retrofitting of Breakers/MCC's

Our team is specialized in Retrofitting, which is a cost-effective alternative and enhances Switchgear performance, extends their lifespan, or brings them in line with new technologies and standards. Retrofitting is a cost-effective alternative.

Design & Engineering

We have immense knowledge in design and engineering of protection relays which involves a systematic process to ensure the reliable and accurate protection of electrical systems against faults, overloads, and other abnormal conditions and includes Protection Scheme Design, Relay Coordination Studies, Settings and Communications, Redundancy Considerations, Safety and cybersecurity considerations.

Procurement of Relays

We Identify and select reliable manufacturers based on the requirements which is cost effective and reliable for the customer

Relay Upgradation/Modifications

We have extensive trackrecord in Protection relay upgradation which involves the process of improving or modernizing existing protection relays to enhance their functionality, reliability, and compatibility with newer technologies. We undertake to address issues such as obsolescence, improve system performance, and align with evolving industry standards.

Testing of Relays

Protection Engineers Tests and calibrates relays which are essential activities to ensure the proper functioning and accuracy of these devices in electrical protection systems during Plant Shutdowns since regular testing and calibration help verify that relays respond correctly to abnormal conditions, ensuring the reliability and safety of the electrical system.

Commissioning and Start up support

We ensure that protection relays are correctly integrated into an electrical system and operate as intended during the initial phases of system operation.

Relay Coordination Studies

We are able to have these studies which are crucial in the design and optimization of protective relay settings and these studies aim to establish a proper sequence and timing of relay operations, minimizing the impact of faults and maintaining system stability.


With Collaboration of Transformer Manufactures, we design the transformers for replacement projects which is a complex process that involves the careful consideration of various electrical, mechanical, and thermal factors that meets specific performance and Installation requirements.

Assembly and Installation

We have proficiency in Installation of Transformers in Complex situations where replacement includes Jacking & Sliding Method, Safe and precise Transportation, controlled and safe descent etc.

Transformer Oil Services

Our Team has Sincere dedication and precise work expertise in the Oil Works since Transformer oil plays a crucial role in maintaining the efficient operation and longevity of transformers; Our portfolio includes On Site Leak repairs, Transformer Oil Filtration, Passivation, Replacement & Reclamation.

Preventive Maintenance

We have experiences and appreciations in this field from clients since the Periodic Regular maintenance helps identify and address potential issues before they escalate, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and prolonging the lifespan of the Transformer.

Corrective Maintenance

Our capability to address issues, malfunctions, or failures in transformers after they have occurred has gained notable mention in this field.

Testing Services

The combination of both skilled Engineers and specialized equipment in hand has given us noteworthy performance in these field services. We perform Various tests during different stages of a transformer's life, after Installation, commissioning, and regular maintenance. Our portfolio of Testing includes IR & PI Tests, Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance test, Transformer CT Test, Thermal Imaging, Partial Discharge Test, SFRA and all Functional tests etc.

Commissioning support

We provide commissioning support which ensuring the successful installation, testing, and integration of transformers into the electrical system.

Our Maestro Team in this specialized and professional field Services which requires persistence, precrastination and prioritization has won hearts of many clients mentioning our presence makes them in peace. Our portfolio in electrical shutdown services involves:

  • Routine planned Maintenance and Inspections:
  • Equipment Upgrades or Retrofitting
  • Repairs & Troubleshooting:
  • Safety and Compliance with Regulations:
  • Emergency Shutdowns:
  • Testing and Commissioning.
  • Corrective Maintenance

Our Specialization includes to conduct electrical shutdowns with careful planning, adherence to safety protocols, and proper communication with all end users to ensure a safe and efficient process.

Thomas Mammachen - Business Unit Head

35+ Years of Experience in Power System

Azhar Ranjha - Transformer Specialist

40+ Years of Experience in Transformer

Sl No Description Model Manufacturer Qty
1 Transformer Oil Filtration Unit 2000 - 10000 L/Hr Hering, Enervac, Kato 12
2 Oil Storage Tank 5000 - 45000 L 16
3 Multifunction Primary test unit CPC 100 OMICRON 3
4 Tan delta test unit CP TD1 / M4100 OMICRON/DOBLE 3
5 Omicron Switch box CP SB1 OMICRON 1
6 3Φ Relay test unit FREJA 300 & 306 / CMC 156, 256 & 356 Meggar/Omicron 9
7 HVPD - Online PD test Kit Kronos Spot Tester HVPD 1
8 Primary Injection Kit INGVAR/ODEN MEGGER 3
9 SFRA Kit FRAX150/Doble M5400 MEGGER/DOBLE 2
10 MEGGER/BESANTEK MIT 510, 520 & 1025/ BST-IT706 & IT116 MEGGER/BESANTEK 18
11 Contact Resistance Meter/Micro ohm meter DLRO/PCRM/MOM MOTWANE/MEGGAR 8
12 Power supply unit BE10E MEGGER 2
13 Circuit Breaker analyzer (Timing) Kit EGIL/MCBT-P MEGGER / MOTWANE 9
14 CT Analyzer Kit MB111K OMICRON 4
15 S33595 Full function test kit (SCHNEIDER) SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 2
16 ABB SACE PRO10/T ABB Test kit 1
17 ABB Ekip T & P EKIP ABB 2
18 Process Calibrator DPI 880 GE Druck 1
21 Dry well Calibrator 9140 FLUKE 2
22 Oil BDV tester OTS60 SA FOSTER 2
23 Voltage Detector 33 kV DHEN 4
24 Digital LCR Meter LCR55A AMPROBE 2
25 Full function test kit (SCHNEIDER) S33595 SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC 3
26 IR & Phase sequence Digital Meter DY5103A DUOYI 1
27 True RMS Multi Meter 177/179/289 FLUKE 15
28 Digital Clamp Meter 376 FLUKE 5
29 Milli Amp Process Clamp Meter 771 FLUKE 2
30 Vacuum Integrity Tester VIDAR VIDAR/VANGUARD 3
31 Temperature Calibrator 724 FLUKE 2
32 Volt/mA Calibrator 715 FLUKE 3
33 RTD Calibrator 501 YHS 4

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