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Powerline Solutions is one of the leading distributors of all types of Rubber, polyurethane, metal and plastic components for construction, marine, air conditioning, automotive and various industrial applications.

  • Oil, Gas And Petrochemicals, shipbuilding, seaports & airports.
  • Trucks & Automotive
  • Fiber Glass Pipe Manufactures Engineering
  • Diary
  • Defense
  • Precision machined metal inserts, rubber molds, brass inserts, customized metal parts etc. are included in our precision products
  • All types of plastic sheets, tubes, rods, machined plastic components for the manufacture of complete soundless, advanced and durable plastic conveyor systems etc. gives more strength to our product series
Raw materials used for making our customized range of plastic products
UWMWPE Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
PP Polypropylene
HDPE High Density Polyethylene
POM Poly Oxy Polyethylene
PET Polyester Polyethylene Terephthalate
PEEK Polyether Ether Ketone
PU Poly Urethane
PTFE Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene
PTFE Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene
PC Poly Carbonate

Product and Services

O Rings
Mud Flaps
Custom Mud Flaps
Police Vehicle Bumpers
Custom Boat Frenches
NBR Gasket
Thread Protectors
Thread Protectors
Spider Coupling
Anti Fatigue Mat
Electrical Insulation Mat
Pin Mat
Anto Vibration Mat
Hollow Mat
Interlocling Mats
Entrance Mat
Shoe Pad
Gym Mat
Pyramid Mat
Plastic Tubes
Plastic Roads
Machined Plastic parts
Nylon Roads
Plastic Tubes
Mechanized Nylon Components
Wheel Bearing
Conveyor Rollers
Slat and Chains
Roller Bearing
Modular Conveyor Belts
Mold for Bellow
Precision Machined Parts
Mold for Gasket
Mold for Gasket
Mold for Bellow
Precision Machined Parts
Precision Brass Inserts
Machine Parts

Powerline solutions Introduce new Mounting pads which are manufactured wholly or partially from an elastomer (rubber ). Technoflex (An ISO 9001:2008 certified) is our manufacturing partner in India. Equipment Pads Use as a mounting base for air conditioning units, filters, heaters, poo/ pumps, and refrigeration, or any type of equipment requiring weight distribution support.

Mounting Pads Usage And Importance

Mounting pads are specially designed and manufactured for Air Conditioning Equipment's and its allied products from small capacity to bigger capacity machines. These mounting pads are acting both way as a mounting base for the equipment which do not give any direct contact to the Metal clamps, or to the floor, and also as a weight distribution and anti vibrating pad.

The pads are specially designed for easy installation and no supervision is required, the pads are provided with bolts and nuts to suite international standard, and are available in Round Shape Big, Round Shape Small, Tapered Square Type. Much more there are also mat type pads available in bigger and cut t size for easy and customized usage

Grommets are Inserts made of Rubber or otherwise known as Custom Elastomeric Inserts used to protect or cover through drilled holes.We are manufacturing Grommets for customized requirements for different application especially in

  • Electrical Components.
  • Transformers.
  • Switch Gears.
  • Aero Space applications.
  • Electronic Equipment's etc.

These grommets are designed to protect wires and cables while passing through a panel, helps eliminate sharp edges so your wires are protected and add aesthetic value to your application and also grommets are used as brush for noise and vibration dampening in a range of application.

Almajdouie Mud Flap
Arabian axles mud flap
Your Customized Design
AL-AYED Mud Flap
MHI Mud flap
CGS Flaps

As a new innovation, we had developed a product which is very much useful for the Food and Beverages Industries. These Industries are facing the problem of Insects, Cockroaches, Ants, Rats etc. which are entering to the Hygienic Work area, Storage area, Labs Clean Rooms etc. through the gap of Closing Shutters.

Especially Rain or Sweep water entering through the gap beneath the shutters can also be arrested by the usage of this special Seal.

These seals are manufactured by extrusion process by using high-quality Synthetic Rubber as the base material supported with flexible membrane type metal inserts which give more rigidity to the product.

Different models and designs are available for customized usage and conditions. These are available in a wide range in continuous lengths up to a length of 25.0meters or in special cases, it can be varied.

Fixing of this seal is as much easy and need NO supervision. The locking legs provided in the seals will restrict the movement in normal conditions while inserted to the shutter metal, and if use for heavy-duty purpose riveting can be done as per requirement.

A pipe support is a device designed to carry the weight of the pipe, any in-line equipment and the material in the pipe over a defined span.

Pipe guides and slides are designed to allow longitudinal movement due to thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe. Our Sleeves and Rubber Cushions are made especially for those pipe supports to prevent this and is fitted in the support or hangers which will act as a shield to prevent the damage to pipe insulation.

Nylon Split Sleeve Available Sizes

Available Nylon Split Sleeve Sizes

Pipe OD Sizes
  • For Pipe OD 361.80mm
  • For Pipe OD 361.80mm
  • For Pipe OD 464.80mm
  • For Pipe OD 466.20mm
  • For Pipe OD 619.20mm
  • For Pipe OD 722.00mm
Rubber Wrapper Available Sizes

We introduce new Elastomeric bearing pads which are manufactured wholly or partially from an elastomer (rubber). It has the ability of either fully or partially to regain the shape once deflected. Such bearings allow the movement between the load and its supports.

Why Elastomeric Bearing Pads?

Elastomeric Bearing Pads both plain and laminated requires practically no maintenance as well as much easier to fix than any other bearing used. Unlike other materials, Elastomeric Bearing Pads has little or no effect on low-temperature stiffening when the thermal contraction of the bridge deck is at maximum.

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